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eVisit Enables Pioneering Move in OB-GYN Specialty: Ob Hospitalist Group’s Ob TeleCare

Published: Sept. 9, 2020

Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG), based in Greenville, S.C., the nation’s largest and only dedicated provider of customized OB-GYN hospitalist programs, has joined the 100-plus health system, provider groups and hospital enterprises using the eVisit® Virtual Care platform.

In its latest pioneering move in the OB-GYN specialty, OBHG is leveraging the eVisit Virtual Care platform to expand its 24/7 emergent care model currently serving 175 partner hospitals across 33 states to launch a new service, Ob TeleCare. This new virtual care offering became available in Sept. 2020 in its first market, Texas, and will provide pregnant and postpartum women with immediate access to experienced OB-GYN physicians who specialize in diagnosing and treating obstetric emergencies.

Ob TeleCare is expected to reduce wait times, alleviate anxiety and increase satisfaction for patients, and provide busy private-practice OB-GYNs with highly skilled support. The Ob TeleCare service will expand the innovative Obstetric Emergency Department (OBED) model created by OBHG, bring 24/7 on-demand care to pregnant and postpartum women nationwide and elevate the standard of care for women across the U.S.

OBHG created the OBED model in 2006 to fill a gap in care for expectant mothers. Pregnant women who visited an emergency room were often not able to immediately see an OB-GYN physician. Instead they would be evaluated by a nurse, and a doctor would drive to the hospital, if necessary. Crucial time could be lost, and outcomes could suffer.

Today that same gap in care exists when a pregnant or postpartum woman has an urgent medical concern at home. She calls her OB physician’s office line, waits for a call back, and typically must choose between waiting for the next available office visit or making a potentially unnecessary trip to the hospital. The process can cause stress for both patients and physician practices.

“Ob TeleCare is a natural expansion of our model,“ says Dr. Mark Simon, chief medical officer for OBHG. “The eVisit Virtual Care platform provides us with a new avenue to improve safety and increase access for patients and families. It will allow OBHG to offer all pregnant and postpartum women the high-quality on-demand virtual care they need while enhancing work/life balance for OB-GYNs.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Ob Hospitalist Group in its vision, mission and OBED model to provide 24/7 OB healthcare, through its new Ob TeleCare offering, to elevate the standard of care for pregnant women across the nation,” says Bret Larsen, co-founder and chief executive officer of eVisit. “Virtual care is an important game-changer for all healthcare organizations today—whether that’s a hospital, health system, or a specialty provider practice like OBHG. As trusted partners with a common core value to innovate, we look forward to a long-standing relationship between our organizations going forward.”

Read more about OBHG in this feature story in Health Evolution covering the expanding use of telehealth in specialty care.

Learn more about OBHG’s OB hospitalist model here and about its new Ob Telecare offering here.

About New eVisit Client, Ob Hospitalist Group

Since 2006, Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) has led the nation in elevating the quality and safety of women’s healthcare by delivering 24/7 real-time triage and hospital-based obstetric coverage to ensure consistent, timely care for patients, as well as collaborative, non-competitive support for local OB-GYN physicians.


As the original architect of the OBED model, OBHG ensures that every expectant or postpartum mother presenting to the hospital receives consistent and unconditional medical care by an experienced physician. OBHG leverages its national network of dedicated clinicians in partner hospitals across the U.S. to develop best practices in care which improve patient outcomes, reduce care variability and drive operational and financial efficiencies. To learn about the advantages of an OBHG program, visit 


Learn more about the eVisit Virtual Care platform, how its flexible workflows are configurable to support all specialties and to schedule a demo at



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