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Simplifying virtual and hybrid care delivery for health systems and hospitals.

Preserve and expand your market share, increase revenue, and enhance the patient experience with eVisit’s enterprise-wide platform.

Simplifying virtual and hybrid care delivery for health systems and hospitals.

Accessible and Easy to Use

46% of healthcare executives say they lose patients to competitors that offer easier access to care. With eVisit, you can craft consumer experiences that attract, engage, and retain new and existing patients. It’s why eVisit customers experience 42% higher adoption rates.

Accessible and Easy to Use

Highly Configurable. Infinitely Flexible.

Built for large hospitals and health systems, the eVisit platform has 150+ points of configuration, making it uniquely equipped to handle almost any workflow. It’s why eVisit customers see a 5.8X return on investment.

Highly Configurable. Infinitely Flexible.​
Highly Configurable. Infinitely Flexible.​

Fully Integrated.

HL7? FHIR? With eVisit you don’t have to choose. Thanks to Native+, our proprietary approach to integrations, you get a seamless, bi-directional interface that enables your care team to do their job, while your operations team focuses on business optimization. It’s how eVisit helps providers drive 3.5X higher profit margins over two-way video or EHR-based solutions.
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See why the country’s largest hospitals, health systems, and provider groups choose eVisit.

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Frequently Asked Questions about eVisit

Yes. We built eVisit specifically for that purpose. Most telehealth vendors are also healthcare providers, with direct-to-consumer offerings that compete for your patients. eVisit isn’t a healthcare provider. Our solution enables you to deliver virtual and hybrid care to your patients using your network of clinicians.

Since eVisit’s birth in 2015, the platform has been used by physicians in over 50 specialties. These include: cardiology, dermatology, dietitian services, emergency medicine, endocrinology, family practice, gastroenterology, hematology/oncology, internal medicine, mental health services and psychiatry, nephrology, neurology, OB/GYN, occupational health, orthopedics, pediatrics, primary care, urology, and many more.

Yes. eVisit works seamlessly to return all patient and visit information back into your system of record for centralized storage, auditing, and compliance considerations. With eVisit, you can automatically exchange visit summaries, patient chart histories, treatment plans, continuity of care documents, X-rays, patient notes, educational materials, and much more to and from your EHR or EMR.