Starting Your Virtual Practice

Laying the foundation for your success.

Building a thriving virtual practice can be challenging. It’s not a simple as buying software and learning how to use it. Sure, you could try that approach, there are plenty of companies willing to sell you cheap telemedicine software. The problem is, that rarely works. You have the software, but your patients aren’t using it. Which means your practice isn’t generating more revenue, it’s just spending more money.

To build a successful virtual practice that generates meaningful revenue, is loved by your patients, and is easy for you and your staff to use, you need a blueprint for success. Just as important, you need a trusted advisor with the experience and expertise to accelerate your success. To simplify the challenges. That’s what we do.

eVisit is your trusted advisor. Sure, our customers tell us we have amazing software. What they really value is our concierge approach and dedication to your success.

It all starts with our Virtual Practice Success Program.

See how telemedicine can improve your practice

Virtual Practice Success Program

Choose Your Practice Blueprint

The eVisit Customer Success team has successfully built hundreds of virtual practices across dozens of medical specialties. We understand the many ways that practice workflows vary.

As your trusted advisors, we’ll share specialty specific best practices and guide you in the selection of a virtual practice blueprint that best fits your model of medicine.

Configure Your Practice

Next, we’ll configure your virtual practice for optimal success. This can include provisioning new physician accounts, setting schedules, choosing notifications, implementing ePrescribe, co-branding the patient experience, and much more.

For practices that choose a Custom Branded App or EHR integration our team of engineers will work directly with the necessary technology providers (e.g. Apple, Google Play, AthenaHealth, etc) on your behalf to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Prepare to See Your Patients

At times, in life, trying something new can be a little uncomfortable. The first time you drove a car. The first time you started a new job. The first time you saw a patient. It’s common to feel discomfort when you start practicing medicine virtually.

You can rely on the friendly eVisit Customer Success team to provide easy-to-understand coaching on all aspects of your virtual practice. This includes managing your eVisit account, scheduling, patient consultation, treatment, reimbursement, best practices in virtual bedside manner, and much more.  Then, just before you’re ready to fly on your own, we’ll conduct some virtual visit test flights to give you plenty of practice prior to your first visit.

Fuel Patient Adoption

You and your team are ready to start seeing patients! Now it’s time to start promoting your new virtual practice to your patients. We make this simple. No marketing, advertising, or graphic design skills needed.

The Virtual Practice Success Program includes in-office and digital marketing materials that can be quickly and easily used to promote your new services to existing patients. You can use these within your existing marketing efforts or we’ll manage them on your behalf.

Fine Tune Your Virtual Practice

Your eVisit Customer Success Coach is an important source for driving long-term success. They have valuable insights gained from hundreds of successful virtual practices. That knowledge and ongoing coaching is proactively provided to you so that you can continuously improve patient utilization and workflows to increase revenue and reduce costs.

“I am impressed with the ease-of-use and engaging user interface of eVisit. And the rapport the eVisit team has with my IT team is impressive. Their support is fantastic.”

Dr. Gregory Grubb
NowCare Anywhere

“Telemedicine with eVisit saves me five to six hours a day. Due to the savings, I can expand my services and provide even better, faster care. I’m also making a great new source of income.”

Dr. Andre Haynes
Addiction Telemed

“With eVisit, we’re able to expand our value-based services and really make a difference in terms of patient care and convenience. We believe telemedicine is an important part of the mix.”

Dr. Ellen Brooks
Pediatric Partners of Valley View

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