Increase Practice Revenue. Maximize Patient Flow. Get Happier Patients.

If patients are seeking out urgent care, they need treatment fast. But with more patients coming to urgent care centers than ever, you need tools to keep up with the demand, keep wait times down, and deliver high-quality care as fast and conveniently as possible.

Enter eVisit. Our simple, live video telemedicine software lets you provide truly on-demand patient care and increase your revenue.

Provide truly on-demand care

Your patients need care, fast. What’s more quick and convenient than talking to a doctor face-to-face with a few clicks on your computer? With eVisit, you can offer patients 24/7 care without the commute or the long wait at the clinic. With our web and mobile apps, delivering on-demand healthcare has never been easier.

Optimize your patient flow

The last thing you want at an urgent care center is long wait times. You need to get patients in and out, while still providing high-quality care. eVisit helps keep your patient flow moving with flexible, on-demand telemedicine visits. Now your patients can get quick, “walk-in” care without leaving their house, and you can get the most of your time.

Attract new patients

Patients want quick, convenient care. A recent Harris Poll found 64% of patients are interested in telemedicine, especially in lieu of a trip to an emergency room. With eVisit, you’re bringing that extra value to your clinic – and bringing in more patients. Your revenue will go up, and your patients will be happier and healthier.

See how eVisit can increase your practice revenue by an average of $21,600 per provider, per year in just 10 minutes a day

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