Increase Practice Revenue. Maximize Patient Flow. Get Happier, Healthier Patients.

Today’s healthcare environment is tough on pediatricians. Chances are your patient schedule is overflowing, your paperwork and office admin tasks are through the roof, and patients are complaining about long wait times. You need better ways to keep up – to increase your practice revenue and improve your patient care.

Enter eVisit. Our simple, secure live video telemedicine software drives your revenue up and keeps your patients happy and healthy.

Treat your patients anytime, anywhere

Providing the very best healthcare should be convenient, for you and your patients. eVisit lets you connect with families and treat your patients over secure videochat, no matter the place. Your patients will love seeing you without even leaving their homes. No parent wants to travel to the office with a sick child if they don’t have to. With our web and mobile apps, connecting with your patients has never been easier.

Get paid for after-hours and patient calls

As a pediatrician, you probably get quite a few after-hours calls from parents who have questions or urgent requests. Plus, a lot of time in your day is probably filled with tasks that aren’t billable – like approving prescription refills and answering emails or patient calls. These tasks are important but can add up to a lot of uncompensated time for you. eVisit lets you replace these patient interactions with a quick video visit – and boost your physician compensation.

Optimize your patient flow

No-shows can cost your practice thousands each year — and waste your valuable time. Reduce missed appointments and get to a better patient flow with eVisit. With telemedicine visits, patients are less likely to come in late or not at all (no traffic or weather to worry about!). Plus, you can easily fill up any empty slots in your schedule with flexible telemedicine visits. Now your patients can get “walk-in” care without leaving their house, and you can optimize your patient flow.

See how eVisit can increase your practice revenue by an average of $21,600 per provider, per year in just 10 minutes a day

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