The Telemedicine Solution for Your Concierge Practice


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Offer More Convenient, Connected Patient Care. Increase Practice Revenue. Boost Patient Satisfaction.
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Successful concierge medical practices need tools for staying connected with patients, keeping wait times down, and offering high-quality convenient care. That’s what your patients are paying for – better access to you.

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Enter eVisit. Our simple, secure live video telemedicine software makes connecting with patients online easy. So your practice can offer service that’s a step above the rest.

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Connect with patients anytime, anywhere

As a concierge doctor, you need to provide more accessible and convenient care to your patients. eVisit lets you connect with and treat your patients over high-quality videochat, no matter the location. Your patients will love seeing you from the comfort of their own homes, without the trip to the office. Plus, you can easily do patient visits from home and spend less time at the office. With our web and mobile apps, staying connected has never been easier.

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Optimize your patient flow

If you’re delivering concierge-level medical service, you need to maintain an optimized schedule at all costs. With eVisit, you can prevent no-shows, keep patients out of the waiting room, and fill in any empty slots in your calendar with flexible, on-demand telemedicine visits. Your patients get “walk-in care” without leaving their homes, and you make the most of your valuable time.

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Increase revenue

Patients love quick, convenient care. In fact, a recent Harris Poll found 64% are interested in doing telemedicine visits,and are willing to pay more to get them. With eVisit, you’re bringing that extra value to your practice – and can raise your rates for the benefit. Your revenue will go up, and your patients will be happier and healthier.

See how eVisit can increase your practice revenue by an average of $21,600 per provider, per year in just 10 minutes a day

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Still have questions? eVisit can help!

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