Medicine for Now and the Future

A Success Story with eVisit

Dr. Gregory Grubb

Dr. Gregory Grubb works at NowCare Anywhere, a family care center in Northern Illinois. He started using telemedicine and eVisit for all his patients because he wanted to modernize his practice and move it into the 21st Century.

Challenge: Enhancing the Client Relationship, Reducing Overhead

Dr. Grubb has learned through experience that people know their bodies. If a woman is convinced by her own history that she has a bladder infection, then chances are, she does. “Most patients can tell you exactly what’s going on with themselves. They know their bodies better than most doctors do,” says Dr. Grubb. “So why pay for a visit to an urgent care facility, which only adds overhead to the equation?”

Many ailments can be diagnosed over the phone, but the phone was never secure enough to meet HIPAA requirements and safeguard protected health information (PHI). The telephone was also impersonal for patients, because there was no face-to-face interaction with the doctor.

Dr. Grubb also wanted to be able to reach many more people in the rural areas where he works, without having to get them into an urgent care facility. After all, patients have to get dressed and travel while they are ill.

Solution: Telemedicine — simple diagnoses, less overhead, broader reach

Dr. Grubb evaluated several leading telemedicine options and chose eVisit. “I am impressed with the ease-of-use and engaging user interface of eVisit,” says Dr. Grubb. “And the rapport the eVisit team has with my IT team is impressive. Their support is fantastic.”

Dr. Grubb now offers all of his patients the option to use telemedicine, and many do — more than 100 at last count. He makes himself available 24/7 but says people respect his time. He rarely gets calls at 2 AM when a child has a sore throat, earache, or other issue.

Benefits: Better patient care, lower overhead, further reach

Dr. Grubb’s patients have taken to eVisit with ease due to its intuitive interface. They no longer have to face the hassle of getting cleaned up and dressed while they are feeling ill.

In only a few initial months using the eVisit software, he’s made over $2,000 in welcome, incremental income, and expects that number to increase.

For Dr. Grubb, he has lower overhead and can reach many more people. With flu season at its peak, he has treated eight patients in the last week using videoconferencing over the Internet using eVisit. Luckily, they didn’t have to go into a doctor’s office and wait to be seen — and it only cost them $64 on average.

Grubb advertises eVisit on his Facebook page to encourage more patients to use the service. “I love the fact that I can reach many more people, especially in rural areas where urgent care clinics are not available. It saves me and them time and money,” says Dr. Grubb. “Honestly, if I could solely do telemedicine, then I would.”

Customer contact:
Dr. Gregory Grubb
Dixon, IL
(815) 970-4858