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Strengthening Your Hospital Brand with a Co-Branded Telemedicine Platform.

Congratulations!  Your organization has just decided to include telemedicine into its treatment armamentarium, and it’s a powerful resource to have.  It’s been shown to improve patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction. But, you’ve spent years building your company’s identity. It has a recognizable brand. Your patients and the community you serve know who, where and what you are.

Now, how do you include telemedicine without making it look like you bought an off-the-shelf program and just put a link on your website? Wouldn’t it be great to have your patients go to the app store and download YOUR telemedicine app? An app that has all the features you want, aligns with your branding and messaging, and gives your patients the confidence that their telemedicine experience is coming from you?

I recently talked to Taylor Tegtmeyer, eVisit’s Product Manager, and asked her to give me the rundown on how eVisit can strengthen your brand by providing a co-branded telemedicine platform..

Scott Berghoff(SB): Hi Taylor, thanks for taking the time out of your day to answer my questions about eVisit.  Tell me a little about yourself. What’s your background and what brought you to eVisit?

Taylor Tegtmeyer(TT): My background is in the health field. I have a degree in exercise science, with a focus on fitness-wellness. I transitioned to healthcare technology not too long after graduating. Initially, I started in our Customer Success department, and then made my way to product management. I’ve been the product manager for a year this month.  

SB – You’re the team leader for the product division?

TT – Yes.

SB – What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced since coming over from Customer Success (CS) to Product Management?

TT – Probably the biggest one is being able to fill the needs of all of our customers from small and medium sized healthcare organizations to large hospitals and healthcare systems.. Their requirements and expectations are much different.

SB – What is a typical day for you? If you could pick an average day…

TT – t the beginning of everyday I review the top priorities we have from a development standpoint, since I own that, and help the engineers push the needle. Additionally, I project manage our smaller deploys that include bug fixes and improvements. At the same time I will be working with our designers to create comps for our next big feature release while writing user stories and requirements.

SB – So you work mostly with engineering, then CS, and then the design group?

TT – I would say I work the closest with our engineering and design teams being that I am part of this department. However, the Sales and CS departments are next in that I need to understand what our potential and current customers are requesting.

SB – Ok, so in your opinion, what makes the eVisit platform special?

TT – It’s simple and sexy. We pride ourselves for making a user-friendly product that looks good.

SB – That makes sense. You’ve got to have the right look, and it has to be easy for both patients and providers to adopt.

TT – Right, which is why I say sexy because our customers are used to cumbersome tools like EMRs. EMRs have so much to them it makes it hard to understand how to use them and the look doesn’t help. Understanding our audience, we decided an effortless and appealing product is a must.

SB – You can create a custom branded version of the eVisit app for our clients, right?

TT – Yes indeed. Typically, this is an inviting aspect for our enterprise customers. Urgent cares and hospital systems are our highest utilizers when it comes to CBAs (Custom Branded Applications) because it fits their use-case to a ‘T’.  We can brand it just as it says. It’s custom branded to their organization’s colors, logo, verbiage, as well as pages and features that we can enable.

SB – What’s the most difficult request you received for customization?

TT – Wow! I don’t know if I can narrow it to one. That it’s a hard one to answer there.

SB – What was the first one that popped into your head?

TT – The first one that popped into my head would be figuring out a dynamic solution to a unique reporting request.

SB –  Let’s say someone has talked with one of the account executives and they decided they are going to go with the eVisit. They want the full CBA package. Walk me through what happens.

TT –  At this point sales has shown them a couple documents regarding what our CBA entails, and its process, and most likely shared with them what a CBA looks like. Once they get transitioned to a CS team member, that person reviews what sales has already discussed with them. They then provide the customer with a form that will gather all the necessary items needed to build the CBA. This includes specific assets such as their logo, the hex code of their primary colors, an app icon, splash icon for their welcome page, etc.

SB – So they need to have all their design aspects completed on their end before we get going?

TT – Exactly! Once we get their digital assets we can start building the app and submit it to the app stores for review and approval. This process tends to take 2-4 weeks.

SB – Once all that happens, what’s next?

TT – Our customer success team takes it from there. They walk our clients through the process of setting up, training, certification, and everything in between!

SB – Thanks Taylor!

Every member in every eVisit team is devoted to our customers’ success. They are committed to make sure your needs are met and that your integration of eVisit’s telemedicine platform is as smooth and successful as possible.  A robust telemedicine platform can improve patient outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and simplify healthcare delivery to everyone, everywhere.

Check out our new webinar or  to schedule a demonstration!

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