Urgent and Primary Care

Increase your reach and bottom line.

Acquire and treat patients more efficiently with virtual care that drives more value for you and your patients.

Attract and retain patients with virtual urgent and primary care.

Opening brick and mortar urgent care clinics and acquiring primary care practices is an expensive way to attract and retain patients. Expand your reach without the cost of building new facilities or acquiring practices. Virtual primary care provides the convenience today’s patients demand and is the ideal solution for ambulatory care.

The benefits of virtual urgent and primary care.

  • Diagnose and treat medical issues faster.

  • Increase healthcare access and convenience.

  • Direct patients to the right care setting.

  • Reduce avoidable emergency room visits.

  • Increase new patient revenue.

  • Increase retained patient revenue.

  • Customer Stories

    “By standardizing virtual care services on the eVisit platform across Banner Health, we can better meet patient needs, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.”

    Jim Roxburgh, CEO of Banner Telehealth Network

  • Customer Stories

    “Patients rave about their experience. They tell us that they can see a provider in less than five minutes from the comfort of their own home. Their issue is resolved within a five-minute visit.”

    Tyler Brown, Project Manager for AdventHealth

  • Customer Stories

    “Providing virtual care with eVisit has been a big success at CMG. Patients enjoy anywhere, anytime access, and we’ve increased revenue by $600,000 annually.”

    Dr. Renny Abraham, MD, Managing Partner at CMG

  • Customer Stories

    “The eVisit platform has not only been a great resource for our COVID-19 efforts, but it has also helped us serve many immunocompromised patients in a safe, controlled environment.”

    Dr. Matthew Anderson, Innovation Lead and Physician at Banner Health

  • Customer Stories

    “The fact that eVisit is non-competitive to Banner, preserving our network integrity, made the decision to choose eVisit easy.”

    Jim Roxburgh, CEO of Banner Telehealth Network

For a hospital with 10,000 annual patients, virtual urgent and primary care telehealth services can potentially increase overall revenue by $1M.

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