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New ExpressVisits Enable One-Click Virtual Visit, Makes Patient Care More Accessible

Published: Sept. 24, 2020

Today we announced ExpressVisit our newest feature of the eVisit Virtual Care platform.  It allows healthcare providers to connect to their patients with a single click. This new on-demand virtual visit capability showcases our support of more visit types and our continued efforts to expand patient and provider access across a range of desktop and mobile devices.

Providers simply email or text the patient a link, and with one click the two are connected with ExpressVisit, which is documented and tracked for billing and auditing purposes through the secure, HIPAA-compliant eVisit platform. The ExpressVisit feature can be used with both registered users and with guests, and is well suited for patient care engagements not requiring patient registration or intake such as for postoperative follow-ups, lab test results or image reviews, and other quick visits and patient-provider touchpoints.

“Our customers were asking for an ExpressVisit option to enable on-demand virtual visits for certain clinical workflow requirements,” said Bret Larsen, Co-Founder and CEO, eVisit. “As technology innovators and trusted partners our aim is to fuel our customers’ success. So, we listen, innovate and regularly enhance the eVisit platform to meet our customers’ ongoing needs so they can continue to harness the power of telehealth through virtual visits.”

Leveraging eVisit’s Multi-Party feature, ExpressVisits also support up to eight participants enabling additional people to take part in the visit including parents/guardians, caregivers, translators, interpreters and additional care team members. ExpressVisit is also ideal for quickly onboarding hundreds or thousands of care providers with a secure, auditable video solution with minimal or no training, while setting them up to reap the comprehensive benefits of the end-to-end eVisit platform.

The enterprise-grade eVisit Virtual Care platform is unique among other telehealth solutions with its flexible virtual workflows supporting all specialties and its end-to-end technology that fully virtualizes every step of the care process. This includes everything from scheduling, intake and waiting room management to the virtual visit itself, payment and discharge—all grounded in government-grade security, seamless EHR integration and leading analytics and reporting. eVisit is helping 100-plus hospital and healthcare organizations, including the largest systems in the U.S., innovate and succeed in today’s changing healthcare market.

The new ExpressVisit feature is supported through mobile and desktop web browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Learn more about the eVisit Virtual Care platform or to schedule a demo, including of this new feature, go to


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