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More Insights from HIMSS 2022 (Part 2)

Last week, we brought you three insights from eVisitors who attended the 2022 Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS22) Conference in Orlando, FL (March 14-17). This week, we’d like to share a few more observations.

Providers are getting strategic about virtual care

“Across the board, the entire healthcare industry is thinking about virtual care. There’s no question about this,” said Vice President of Customer Success Justin Miller. “Health care organizations, IDNs, independent physicians, and even payers are talking about it. COVID forced everyone to consider virtual care solutions. It happened fast and many reached for whatever was quick and easy. And who can blame them? We all thought this would be over in just a few weeks. This year at HIMSS, I learned that those organizations are now paying a price for selecting something that can’t serve their long-term goals. Now, more and more organizations are evaluating tools that facilitate embedded, strategic, and measured interactions. Healthcare consumers have gotten savvy about seeking care, and it’s great to see providers and payers thinking just as strategically.”

A well-aligned roadmap

“I was fortunate enough to conduct several dozen demos in our booth,” said Director of Customer Success Nate Allen. “In 90% of the cases, I could demonstrate exactly what the visitor was looking for. And in the remaining 10%, I was able to tell them that the features they wanted were already under development on our product roadmap. It was clear that our product team has an ear to the ground and is working on what the industry cares about most.”

Leading the pack means learning from others

“There’s a pretty good reason Forrester recognized us as the sole leader in our industry,” said Senior Product Marketing Manager Austin Lu. “We look forward to events like HIMSS not only to hear directly from providers and payers, but also to learn from the best and the brightest in the industry. You can’t be a leader without hearing different perspectives. The HIMSS conference and events like this allow us to ‘see around corners’ for our clients so they’re ready for whatever the future brings. I hope to gain additional insights when we’re in Boston for the American Telemedicine Association Conference in early May.”

Interoperability is top of mind

“My biggest takeaway was just how intent healthcare organizations have become in 2022 at transforming their operations to facilitate a more rapid adoption of digitally-enabled care,” recalls Executive Director of Customer Strategy Russell Little. “The larger the organization, the more aware they are that technology can significantly lower costs and help them achieve their business goals. Interoperability was definitely top of mind among the providers I spoke to. And that’s very comforting, because this kind of strategic thinking is helping shape a more modern and convenient customer experience and, most importantly, improving health outcomes. That’s the real goal, after all.”

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