Designed to complement
the way you practice.

From scheduling to reimbursement
and everything in between.


Document your visit,
wherever you are.

With our robust integrations, your patients’ medical records are automatically sent to your EMR, giving you access to your charting notes whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Document and sign your notes on-the-go, even when you do not have immediate access to your health records system.


Quickly capture insurance information in one system.

Navigating reimbursement claims is never easy. Allow us to collect insurance information and push it directly into your database, allowing you to quickly verify coverage, before you even see your patient.


Easy access to your schedule, for everyone.

Working between systems is time consuming, and we understand that. Simplify your schedule by giving your patients an uncomplicated way to schedule directly into your calendar, without waiting on hold, or attempting to schedule at times you are unavailable.


EHR Premiere Integrations

Created by experts in both healthcare and IT, eVisit makes healthcare simple by fitting seamlessly into your existing workflows — from simple appointment scheduling to EHR integrations.


Convenience for you, and your patients

Seamless charting

Patient health conditions and allergies in your patient’s chart are sent directly to eVisit, giving you the insight you need, no matter where you are.

Transaction history

Charge patients through eVisit and track all transactions in both of your systems.

Easy attachments

Quick and easy access to documents you need from your patients, and those that they need from you.

Multi-Factor Authentication

We triple check to patients enrolling with your company to find a match, or create a new patient in your EMR. No tedious work or duplicates.

Streamlined scheduling

Establish direct a link with your own calendar — check in and check out the same way you do today.

Full reporting

Access all the information that you need about your virtual visits right from in your own EMR. No unnecessary shifts from system to system.

Grow your system, profitably. See why
the largest systems in the US choose eVisit.

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