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How Employee Virtual Care Lowers Your Healthcare Costs

Employee Healthcare Benefit Costs Keep Climbing! 

With the average cost of employer provided healthcare at more than $14,000/employee, hospitals are looking for better ways to deliver cost effective, quality healthcare to their employees. The Kaiser Family Foundation released data showing a 65% increase in the cost of employee provided healthcare for family coverage from 2008 to 2018. In 2008 the total cost for an employer to cover an employee’s family was $12,679. That cost jumped up to $19,616 in just 10 years, and as an employer, you pay 70% or more. 

Sick days for employees and their families result in lost productivity, costing employers more than $1,600/employee annually. It doesn’t help matters that many employees can’t or won’t take time off to see their provider, so they come to work sick, exposing other employees to illness, or they may use your Emergency Department (ED) or an urgent care (UC) clinic instead because they are open at convenient times. The cost is 12 times greater if an employee goes to the ED with a condition that could have been seen by their PCP. The UC clinic isn’t a cheaper alternative, it’s twice as expensive as primary care. With a built-in network of healthcare providers, hospitals are in an ideal position to offer virtual care to their employees, using technology to enable their own providers to deliver convenient virtual care.

Reduce Costs: Give Employees an Alternative to Expensive ED and UC visits.

Virtual care is an ideal solution for cost-effective employee benefits. In fact, hospitals staffing their own employee virtual care see higher utilization because employees are receiving care from the providers they know and work with everyday. With virtual care, you can improve the overall health of your employee population, leading to happier and more productive employees. And, you’ll provide a less expensive option than the emergency room for non-emergency issues. Employee virtual care saves money, reduces employee’s use of sick time, and provides a low-cost, effective alternative for care.

The cost of a virtual care visit is 30 times less, on average, than an ED visit, and three times less than a UC clinic visit. For example, a hospital with a total membership population (employees, spouses, and dependents) of 10,000 that has 15% of those members using the virtual care benefit (1,500 visits) instead of the emergency department, UC, or primary care visits can save almost $1M annually.

The benefits aren’t just fiscal. Providing a virtual care platform for your employees improves productivity and employee retention, contributes to a healthier employee population, and decreases healthcare costs. Your employees will appreciate benefits like zero travel time, not having to dip into their PTO, or take unpaid time to go to a clinic. Also, their out of pocket costs will drop and they will see a provider they know and trust; a significant factor in whether or not a patient will use a telemedicine option. 

Why You Should Use eVisit Enterprise Virtual Care Platform for Employee Virtual Care

eVisit enables healthcare systems to deliver faster, more accessible virtual care by leveraging their own network of providers. Built for the enterprise with more than 150 points of configuration, eVisit accommodates your unique workflows and integrates with more than 50 EMRs through HL7 and/or FHIR standards. Our next generation, double-encrypted, data vault keeps patient data protected and secure. And, our enterprise-grade video works within stringent firewalls and security policies while delivery HD quality. Our Customer Success team guides you through on-boarding and beyond to get the best possible value from eVisit. Plus, we provide technical support for everyone—from your administrators and providers to patients.

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Key Features

  • Scheduling
    • Easily schedule visits on-demand or on the calendar
  • Intake
    • Configure intake questions for quick registration
  • Waiting Room
    • Manage patient and provider routing and waiting queues
  • Visit
    • Meet over 2-way HIPAA compliant video
  • Discharge
    • ePrescribe and process payment
  • Analytics
    • Analyze visit metrics including wait time, visit duration, and patient satisfaction

Key Advantages

  • Non-Competitive
    • eVisit is not a healthcare provider. Our platform enables health systems to compete directly with tech-enabled healthcare providers
  • Configuration Engine
    • 150+ points of configuration to meet your unique workflows
  • EMR Integration Layer
    • 50+ supported EMRs with HL7 integration
  • Government-Grade Security
    • Next generation, double-encrypted, patient data security vault
  • Adaptive Video
    • eVisit’s enterprise grade video provides this and works with stringent firewalls and security policies while delivering HD quality
  • Fast Time to Value
    • Guided on-boarding, unlimited support, regular trainings, and adoption support
  • Patient Tech Support
    • Unlimited support for admins, providers, and your patients
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