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Healthcare Technology Companies To Watch In 2016

This year, we’re bound to see incredible strides in healthcare technology. 2015 brought us even closer to a future where health tech changes the way we live, and the way you practice medicine. Wearables and smartphone-integrated tech are becoming everyday. mHealth tools and all-new patient data collection methods mean providing custom care is easier than ever. 

We can’t wait to see how far the industry has comes in 2016, and we’re keeping an eye on these promising healthcare technology companies.

1) Honor Senior Care

Our mHealth horoscope for 2016 predicts very good things for the senior home care industry. Honor is one company that’s changing the game for eldercare this year, with innovative solutions that seek to serve the widest population possible. Rather than providing medical care, Honor Care Pros assist seniors with medication reminders, transportation, meal prep, and household tasks.

Caregivers can be contacted through the app, which can be managed by elderly users or remote family members. The on-demand service is currently only avaialable in the San Francisco area, but after securing investments from companies like Rock Health in 2016, Honor has plenty of chances to grow in the new year.

2) Omada

Omada combines mobile devices, social networking and medical expertise into an actionable prevention platform for patients at risk of chronic illness. The Prevent platform seeks to combat illnesses tied to obesity, such as heart disease and diabetes, with an eight-week program that establishes healthy habits and acts as a patient education crash-course.

Chronic care is one of the most costly sectors of the healthcare industry, and Omada’s program seeks to lower costs and extend lives at each patient’s own pace.

3) DatStat

Patient data and population health initiatives are also expected to be huge in 2016. DatStat offers data solutions that give physicians insight into patient lives beyond the clinical setting. The company’s data collection tools are meant to pair with your EHR and integrate patient-reported data into health records for a more comprehensive view of patient health. The platform aims to increase patient engagement, and focuses on consistent communication between patients and their healthcare providers.

4) MedWand

A multi-use telemedicine tool, MedWand acts as an all-in-one health monitor for house calls. The device features an otoscope, blood oxygen sensor, in-ear thermometer, and Bluetooth connectivity to pair with digitally-enabled devices like glucose meters. For physicians who need a specialized remote examination tool for their telemedicine needs, the MedWand offers to be your eyes, ears, and hands. 

5) AdhereTech

We’ve written previously about medication adherence apps, but the AdhereTech smart pill bottle takes medication reminders to the next level. The container is child-safe just like a standard pill bottle, and when it’s time for a dosage, the bottle emits blue light. If a patient doesn’t open the bottle and risks missing a dose, the AdhereTech bottle will glow red and begin to beep.

The program can also send automated text alerts. There isn’t complex patient setup, and the bottle’s “habits” are configured based on the medication, creating a simple user interface. AdhereTech offers customizable bottle labels and messages in order to make medications easily distinguishable.

6) Gamgee

The 22otters app by Gamgee offers task lists and physician-patient connectivity for care plan management. The app enables physicians to remind patients of at-home procedures, perform symptom checks, and answer questions. Patients can use voice controls to navigate the app as well, which is a great accessibility feature. 22otters is a good fit for post-op patients, with several features that make it easy to conduct surgical follow-ups from home.

7) CrowdMed

CrowdMed is the logical culmination of an increasingly-connected network of medical professionals. Patients with unsolved medical conditions submit their cases to the website, and a community of medical professionals weigh in with potential treatment options or follow-up tests. “Medical detectives” give suggestions, which do not constitute medical advice, but can move patients closer towards a diagnosis and treatment plan.

8) PillPack

A full-service home-delivery pharmacy, PillPack sends patients their regular supplies of medications, packaged into daily doses. PillPack doses are organized by date and time to avoid overdoses and missed treatments. The company offers proactive prescription refills in conjunction with physicians as well, to make sure medications arrive when they’re needed. Users manage their medications and information through an online dashboard and receive instructions with each PillPack in order to keep prescriptions straight.

9) Quell

Quell is a unique device that takes wearables another step forward, providing electronic pain relief through a small device worn on the leg. The technology uses wearable intensive nerve stimulation (WINS) that is FDA cleared for use with chronic pain. It can be worn during daytime activities or while sleeping to help with night pain. Quell monitors heart rate and other vitals to adjust pain management automatically, and heralds a new era of wearable technology that treats as it tracks.

10) CrossChx

This company is using two technologies to engineer a new future for healthcare. SafeChx is a system that creates and records biometric medical identities, simultaneously protecting against data theft and increasing quality of care. SafeChx pairs with another CrossChx technology, Queue, for ultimate efficiency for in-office visits. Queue’s secure patient sign-in reduces wait times by up to 80%. Both technologies offer analytics dashboards and tools aimed at patient satisfaction. They’re a distinct sign of the Internet of Things here in 2016.

We’re just a few weeks into 2016, and already there are so many fresh ideas and brand-new healthcare technology companies getting ready to change the world! If you think we missed any up-and-coming  companies, let us know.


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