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[Free Webinar] How One Virtual Care Platform Can Optimize Multiple Clinical Workflows

Updated: Oct. 21, 2020

We celebrated Healthcare Quality Week (#HQW) Oct. 18-24 with this high-value live webinar aimed at helping healthcare leaders across America accelerate their virtual care strategies and reap the benefits of a single enterprise-grade platform. Across the past half a decade or more, healthcare leaders in large and mid-tier hospitals and health systems have moved telehealth forward within their organizations. Across this evolutionary path, a very common theme has emerged — organizations now suffer from multiple disparate and unconnected telehealth products across their enterprises, which greatly limits their virtual care offering.

These purchase decisions were likely driven by service line leaders believing they needed a specific solution to serve their unique workflow needs. Plus, as the pandemic hit, it’s likely even more telehealth solutions have popped up across your organization.

Virtual care strategist, co-founder and eVisit CEO, Bret Larsen, teamed up with Ann Schnure, VP of Telemedicine at Concentra, a marquee eVisit customer who recently transitioned its three-year-old Concentra Telemed® offering from a competitor to the eVisit Virtual Care platform. Together, they share two compelling real-world case studies and best practices in moving beyond this common pain point of multiple telehealth point products to enjoy the benefits of a single, adaptive platform that can match a range of clinical workflows — even those as complicated as we discovered at Concentra; the leader in occupational telehealth in the U.S.

Bret kicked off the webinar by showcasing one of the largest nonprofit health systems in the U.S. that unified its telehealth strategy on eVisit in early 2020 and eliminated more than a dozen telehealth point products that had cropped up over several years. This organization is now experiencing:

  • Enhanced adoption rates — both for patient and provider. In fact, in just eight weeks of initial deployment earlier this year, they onboarded 3,700 providers and conducted 28,000 virtual visits. Today, they have 5,000-plus providers and 82,000 patients on eVisit and enjoy a patient rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars!
  • Comprehensive, real-time analytics and reporting — driving improved business insights and decision making. Imagine trying to manually integrate the data from a dozen different telehealth solutions. Now they receive real-time custom dashboards to deliver enhanced business insights including virtual visits completed and canceled, patient wait times, provider usage, technical support requests and more!
  • Optimizing complicated, unique clinical workflows — across the range of specialties and service lines that make up any large-scale health system. They now conduct an average of 10,000 virtual visits a month. Bret notes, “We know that the workflow is different for general practice, urgent care, dermatology, oncology and behavioral health.” eVisit is configurable to match any and all clinical workflows.

Ann Schnure was introduced by Bret, noting Concentra isn’t an example of multiple point products, having transitioned to eVisit from a competitor, but is a great example of eVisit addressing complicated workflows.

“Concentra has navigated one of the more complex workflows in virtual care and you’ll hear how they have simplified that to provide a better experience for all its stakeholders,” he said.

Concentra Telemed®, Powered by eVisit®

Ann shared that her journey to the telemedicine leadership role as a Concentra started out as a customer that continually banged at Concentra’s door for a telemedicine offering to serve her workforce needs. Little did she know she’d be working for Concentra delivering it. Concentra launched Concentra Telemed in June 2017 with its first virtual visit that month, and is now the leading occupational telemedicine offering in America, powered by eVisit.

In this webinar, Ann covers key details on Concentra’s leadership role in occupational health, with the organization serving an average one in four workplace injuries in America each day. Concentra has a massive footprint with 520 brick and mortar medical centers, 150 on-site clinics at employers’ sites, across 44 states, which brings immense workflow complexities with varying telehealth dos and don’ts outlined by each state’s medical board and departments of workers’ compensation. This “patchwork” adds to the intricacy of Concentra’s workflow.

The eVisit Virtual Care platform is supporting all of Concentra’s telemedicine requirements, including its industry-leading 24/7/365 Concentra Telemed offering. For this workflow, Care Coordinators operate a virtual waiting room environment that can have as many as 20 or more patients. These coordinators initially interface with the new patients, conduct virtual intake, assign them to clinicians and also manage surge processes to pull in more Care Coordinators, if needed. After the Virtual Visit is completed, the clinician hands the patient back to the Care Coordinator, who manages discharge and transition to a brick and mortar care center, when required.

Clinics that are on-site at employers’ locations have yet another unique workflow and Concentra’s “Tele-rehab” for Physical Therapy, where patients typically start in rehab in one of the bricks and mortar medical centers and move into virtual care, is specialized too. Wellness and Transfers of Care (TOC) are also supported…and unique.

Ann noted, “We are really proud of what we have been able to work out with eVisit in our workflow.”

Key callouts by Ann about eVisit Virtual Care platform include:

  • Ease of workflow virtualization — eVisit doesn’t have a hard-coded workflow.
  • Virtual Care integrated with in-person visits — Concentra providers float in and out of virtual care seamlessly to deliver occupational medicine.
  • Trusted Partner/Product Roadmap — eVisit’s technology innovation is focused on customers’ success to enable optimize virtual care.
  • Analytics — the Concentra team is thrilled by real-time reporting with updated data that can tell them more about patient wait time, issues, or provider usage. Ann noted “Managing our day in real-time is really important to us.”

Learn more about these two compelling case studies from two premier eVisit customers and hear more first-hand from Bret and Ann by viewing the on-demand webinar below. Please click the arrow to launch the video.


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