WEBINAR: How to Transition to Concierge Medicine

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Is Telehealth Right for Your Practice?

Find out if adding telehealth is a good decision for your practice.


How to Increase Patient Engagement

Get top tips for getting your patients more engaged in their care.


White Papers

Mitigating Risk in Telemedicine: Taming Compliance, Security and Governance Challenges

Ensure your telemedicine program is successful by taking these important steps in risk mitigation.

4 Ways Telemedicine Enhances the Emergency Department Experience

Telemedicine has the potential to be a big step forward for the ED, enhancing valuable services that can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Find out how telemedicine is empowering doctors and their patients to provide and receive care in the most efficient manner possible using affordable and flexible mobility options.

Best Practices in Telemedicine Deployment and Management

Telemedicine is a rapidly-growing approach to healthcare delivery. Here are important tips to help you anticipate any potential problems during implementation.

How to Get Reimbursed for Telehealth

Important tips and guidelines to help you successfully navigate claim reimbursement

As telemedicine becomes even more widespread, see the growing evidence of its far-reaching benefits.

7 Ways to Boost Patient Engagement

Want to increase your patient engagement rates? Here are 7 simple things you can put into action.

How to Create a Patient Engagement Framework ebook
How to Create a Patient Engagement Framework

Patient engagement doesn’t happen without a comprehensive strategy for your practice. Learn how to get started.


How to Grow Your Practice Webinar
3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Practice

Watch now to learn three basic strategies to expand your practice and boost revenue.

How to Choose a Telemed Software
How to Choose the Right Telehealth Software

How do you ensure you’re picking the best telehealth software for your practice?

How to Build a Successful Telehealth Program Webinar
How to Build a Successful Telehealth Program

How do you implement your telehealth solution the right way and get your patients onboard?

Optimize your medical practice for mobile webinar
How to Use Mobile Devices in Your Practice

Dr. Tom Giannulli of Kareo explains how to make your medical practice mobile-friendly.

How to Get Reimbursed for Telemedicine
How to Get Reimbursed for Telemedicine

Practice management expert Adella Cordova reviews the basics of billing for telemedicine.

How to Address Physician Burnout

Coaching expert Doug Gray reviews strategies for alleviating physician burnout.

How to Become a Concierge Doctor
How to Become a Concierge Doctor

Considering concierge medicine? Healthcare consultant Nathaniel Arana reviews how to make the transition.

Top Telemedicine Myths
The 9 Myths of Telemedicine

Dr. Glen McCracken reviews the top myths many physicians believe about telemedicine – and why they just aren’t true.

What’s Your Telehealth ROI?

Find out now with our online ROI calculator.

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The History of Telemedicine

A brief history of telemedicine over the century.

Portrait of the Overburdened Doctor Infographic

Portrait of the Overburdened Doctor

What does the average doctor’s day look like?

How to Boost Patient Engagement Infographic

How to Boost Patient Engagement

Find out tactics to increase your patient engagement.

How to fight chronic disease telemedicine infographic

How Do We Fight Chronic Disease?

The U.S. spends millions of dollars a year on chronic care. How can providers help patients prevent and manage chronic disease?

The EHR Landscape Infographic

The EHR Landscape

How do physicians feel about EHRs? What are the top EHRs on the market?

How to Boost Patient Engagement Infographic

A Visual Guide to eVisit

How does a telehealth visit really work with eVisit?

Average Physician Salary Infographic

What’s The Average Physician Salary?

A look at the common factors that could be affecting your physician compensation.

How to Reduce Patient Wait Times

How to Reduce Patient Wait Times

Find out how to decrease your patient wait times and drive patient satisfaction up.

Healthcare Transparency Infographic

How Do We Make Healthcare More Transparent?

Healthcare transparency could help us drive down costs and improve outcomes – but how do we get there?

The Top Healthcare Trends of 2015

Find out what healthcare trends will be driving the industry in 2015.

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29 Ways to Increase Practice Revenue

Get 29 quick tips to boost your revenue.

Telehealth Reimbursement & Policy

Find out telehealth guidelines by your state or payer type.

Treat your patients anywhere, anytime

Say goodbye to extended office hours & un-monetized patient calls.