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Free Guide: How to Create a Patient Engagement Framework

The interest in patient engagement is because of countless studies and empirical data that have confirmed what our common sense has known for years — when people are empowered and have a voice, you have better outcomes.”

-Chris Cashwell, Lincor Solutions. Source: Electronic Health Reporter

Patient engagement is more than just a buzzword in modern day healthcare. Want to keep patients around, grow your practice, and — most importantly — truly improve your quality of care? Then you need to work toward better patient engagement. Of course, it’s also linked to Meaningful Use requirements and will be crucial with the growing shift toward value-based care models. But when it comes down to it, patients who are engaged in their care have better outcomes. Everyone wins.

It’s no small task to get there, though. Actually getting patients engaged can be a difficult endeavor. In the past two decades, mass communication has exploded thanks to the Internet, smartphones, and social networking. Today, patients seek information, connection, and collaboration with their healthcare provider. If you really want to get patients engaged, your practice needs to adapt to the current Information Age.

So how do you create a concrete plan for getting your patients engaged? How do you create your vision and then put the steps in place to follow through? How to you build a culture of engagement so that your staff is as motivated to engage patients as you are?

The answer: You need a really good patient engagement framework.

Our new, free guide, How to Build a Patient Engagement Framework, answers all these questions and more. Click the link below to access the guide and learn how to transform your practice into a truly engaged place.

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