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The first episode of our podcast, Changing Healthcare, is live!

Hosted by eVisit’s co-founders, CEO Bret Larson and CTO Miles Romney, Changing Healthcare is our new forum for thought leaders in healthcare to share insights about the future of this rapidly evolving industry. You can tune in on Spotify, Google Podcasts and YouTube (soon on Apple Podcasts) for new episodes posted regularly.

Why start a podcast now? Because the healthcare landscape is moving fast—really fast. We do our best to stay ahead of the latest trends and technology. Embracing change and diving into the tough conversations is how we craft a better future for patients and providers. We also aren’t afraid to call out what we see heading in the wrong direction.

Do you ever wonder what keeps healthcare and HealthTech leaders up at night, what they look forward to, or what agitates them most? Changing Healthcare is a place for the people shaping the future of healthcare to speak off-the-cuff about what’s going on today. And yes, Bret and Miles do share what’s frustrating them.

In our first episode, “Virtual Care IS Care,” our co-founders dish on what we call the “Uberization” of healthcare. This refers to the industry disruptions that disconnected patients from their providers who know them best in favor of competing direct-to-consumer telehealth services. This telehealth movement is a fragmented approach to healthcare and is dangerous for both patients and the U.S. healthcare infrastructure.

So how do we disrupt the disruption? Bret and Miles say we need to empower existing provider networks to create better patient experiences with the power of Virtual Care. Imagine several years ago how different it might be if localized taxi companies had a strong platform to provide the same convenience that ridesharing apps did.

This is the genesis of eVisit.

Through advances in technology, healthcare organizations are finally shifting focus towards improving patient experiences and to delivering care through a range of modalities: in-person, asynchronous and synchronous approaches. That’s called Hybrid Care, and at the heart of this shift is Virtual Care and the enabling technology to advance forward.

Bret and Miles say the industry is in the midst of a major pivot towards treating patients more like consumers – a trend called the consumerization of healthcare. This means healthcare is designed to feel as effortless as the other consumer technology patients know and feel comfortable with. Think greater flexibility, less paperwork, and shorter wait times. It also means healthcare organizations are equipped to adapt to patients’ evolving needs and not the other way around. Imagine that!?

From understanding new innovations to discussing ways to improve health outcomes with high-quality care, Changing Healthcare unpacks all of this and more. Future episodes are set to feature leaders from across the healthcare and HealthTech industry who will weigh in with their insights.

For now, enjoy our first episodes with Miles and Bret!

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