Designed to complement the way
you practice medicine.

We’re making healthcare simple and improving the provider experience.

2 – Way HD Video. see your patients.

What’s the point of telemedicine if you can’t see your patients? With full-screen, high-definition*, 2-way video, eVisit allows you to see every detail and provides more flexibility in the way you practice medicine. Whether you’re checking in post-op, or treating a case of the sniffles, you get to decide when and where medical treatment occurs. Plus, your patients will love you for it.

HIPAA Compliant. Watch out, fort knox.

You’ve got enough to worry about. Leave compliancy issues to the pros. With eVisit, you’ve got the support of a dedicated team watching your back every minute of every day, making sure all your data is safe, secure, and 100% HIPAA compliant.

Send prescriptions electronically.

Did you know that 33% of hand-written prescriptions require additional contact between the pharmacy and prescribing physician to clarify undecipherable scripts? With eVisit you can save yourself time and increase prescription accuracy by electronically prescribing to the pharmacy of your patient’s choice. With over 66,000 pharmacies nation wide to choose from, they’re bound to find one that’s convenient. Your office staff will thank you. Your patients will love you.

Your waiting room, reimagined.

Easy to use and designed with providers’ workflows in mind, eVisit’s virtual waiting room is the simplest to navigate. It brings your patients to your fingertips, and at a glance, you can review chief complaints, message patients and even begin an eVisit in just one-click! Give sick patients the option to skip the wait and be seen from home. They’ll think it’s the best seat in the house.

Connect from anywhere, anytime.

Who said delivering care couldn’t be simple? eVisit is telemedicine designed by providers, for providers. So whether you’re in front of a computer or a smartphone, connecting with your patients has never been easier. Our mobile apps for iOS and Android let you consult patients anytime, anywhere.

Medical Billing.

End-of-day and after-hour phone calls adding up? Monetizing virtual treatment is simple. Whether you’re refilling a prescription or treating bronchitis, eVisit’s software collects payment from your patients and provides a detailed medical chart to download and submit for reimbursement. Healthcare has never been easier.


Need to know if you’ve got a patient in your waiting room? Not to worry, we’ve thought about that too. When a patient requires attention, we’ll let you know by text message, phone call or email, whichever you prefer. Now isn’t that simple?

Records your patients will love!

Collecting patient data can be a pain. With eVisit, collecting data is simple and reduces the burden on your office staff. Patients enter their own data and your visit notes are stored in their record, which can be easily exported to your core EMR.

Documents Shared.

Sometimes a video call alone doesn’t do the trick. With eVisit you have the flexibility of accepting documents from your patients electronically. Need to give your patients a document? No problem, we handle that too.

Patient engagement. Automated.

Engaging patients is a full-time job. With eVisit, automatically engage patients to ensure that they understand the treatment options your practice offers. With automated and personalized follow-up emails eVisit reduces your workload, and increases patient satisfaction. Not only does an effective patient engagement plan improve outcomes, it also increases practice revenue on an average of $21,600 per provider, per year. Simple as that.

Your staff. Our support.

Implementing eVisit isn’t brain surgery; which is exactly why we have an entire team dedicated to ensuring that eVisit is a complete success for your practice so you can focus on treating your patients. Your dedicated client success manager will dive in with your staff and help answer important questions like how to explain eVisit to patients, which patients should use eVisit and how to best integrate eVisit into your existing workflow. We understand how to make eVisit a success within your practice, we’ll leave the brain surgery to you.

Treat your patients anywhere, anytime

Say goodbye to extended office hours & un-monetized patient calls.