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eVisit + Bluestream Health

eVisit, the virtual care operating platform built for health systems and large, complex healthcare delivery organizations, has acquired Bluestream Health. The combination will accelerate innovation and foster shared insights across leading health systems.

eVisit is Built for Leaders in Healthcare Delivery

eVisit now empowers over 100 healthcare delivery organizations spanning 2000 sites of care with a highly-configurable platform to deliver high-quality virtual care. Over 275,000 clinicians across all 50 states have access to eVisit to facilitate the delivery of millions of encounters annually.

eVisit augments its highly innovative capabilities with complementary digital front doors and integrated language services for patients to access care seamlessly. eVisit’s operating platform automates patient navigation and organizes patients and clinical teams in one streamlined view, helping care teams manage patient volumes more efficiently. 

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eVisit supports the distribution of digital care strategies that enable multiple clinicians to serve many patients simultaneously. This results in increased satisfaction for patients and clinicians, improved outcomes, and financial resiliency for healthcare delivery organizations.

eVisit + Bluestream

With this acquisition, eVisit augments its highly innovative capabilities with complementary digital front doors and integrated language services for patients to seamlessly access care.


We recognize that the Bluestream Health team has been an excellent partner for your organization, especially during challenging times when flexibility was needed to provide access to care. As our organizations merge, we aim to build upon your established partnership and trust with Bluestream Health. We are committed to ensuring your success with minimal disruption during this transition.

Our primary goal is to provide a dependable platform to support your innovative initiatives for delivering care and improving patient outcomes. Now that you are an eVisit customer, you can access our team of experts, including our Customer Success Team and Support Function.

We are thrilled to welcome you to eVisit and look forward to working with you!

Your success is our highest priority at eVisit. We understand you may have questions about what this means for your organization and how it impacts the care you provide your patients. We are committed to supporting your existing projects and workflows, and there will be no interruptions.

We are pleased to confirm that your existing Customer Success Manager (CSM) and sponsors will remain the same. We encourage you to engage with your CSM to learn more about how Bluestream Health’s functionality can help address additional challenges in your organization.

With this acquisition, we see opportunities to create and embed digital front doors and automate care navigation to achieve key goals. This will enhance your care delivery experience for your patients and clinicians, improve outcomes, and achieve initiatives we have set together as partners.

We are excited about the new possibilities and look forward to continuing our partnership to deliver innovative, high-quality care. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your CSM.

No. The combined organizations are dedicated to delivering the value to customers that have been committed. We’ve made plans to ensure that existing projects continue uninterrupted.

If you currently have an assigned Customer Success Manager, please raise the request with him/her. If you don’t have one yet, you can fill out the form below.

No. Please continue to access and use your customer success manager as your primary point of contact within eVisit! If you don’t have an assigned CSM, connect with us at and we will get you connected with the right person.

The combination of these two platforms and their associated tools will unlock new opportunities for customers to solve additional care delivery challenges within their systems; however, there are no immediate plans to transition customers to a platform they are not already using.

By combining these two leading organizations, we’ll offer a single high-quality, high-touch support and customer success organization to our customers. Customers from both applications will have access to the eVisit support team — by phone and by email — to address real-time challenges. Additionally, the Customer Success team will be engaged with customers across both applications to help inform and guide strategy, plan for implementation and training, and achieve the outcomes that customers set out to pursue.

  • The eVisit customer experience team creates a wide variety of customer engagement touchpoints to support you in achieving your desired outcomes.
  • Depending on your procured level of service, you’ll have a Customer Success Manager associated. This individual will help you strategize, plan, and create actions that will help you reach your outcomes.
  • The eVisit Product Marketing Team will send regular release communications to keep you informed about what’s changing and when. These messages will help you understand and plan for change management within your organization as well as identify how eVisit is solving new problems, creating opportunities for deeper engagement and partnership together.

No. Our goal is to create a seamless experience for customers, providers, and patients and continue to deliver high-quality virtual care.

In the short term (at least 6 months), we plan to run the Bluestream Health and eVisit products in parallel to reduce disruption. In the long term, we plan to leverage the best functionality from each platform, such as leveraging the digital front door capabilities of BSH, and the Virtual Triage Center from eVisit.

Not immediately. However, there are certain overlapping functionalities across BSH and eVisit that could be evolved into a single solution. We will communicate the sunsetting of certain features well in advance.

If you currently have an assigned Customer Success Manager, please raise the request with him/her. If you don’t have one yet, you can fill out the form below.

Bluestream has exceptional digital front doors and automated care navigation technology. eVisit is a leader in patient management and providing solutions for virtual care workflow management. Together, eVisit and Bluestream will be able to offer clinical workflows in acute and ambulatory settings.

Both Bluestream and eVisit are dedicated to building solutions that can be applied across large, complex health systems with a broad geographic footprint and multiple clinical workflows. Both solutions are laser focused on providing a premier patient and provider experience. These solutions manifest in improvements to video and audio technology to reduce patient dropoff, as well as expanding available modalities, such as asynchronous care. Bluestream has and will continue to expand digital front door capabilities. eVisit has and will continue to invest in our Virtual Triage Center and other features that will facilitate complex clinical workflows.

1. Will our current contracts and pricing agreements be affected by the acquisition, and if so, how? As an eVisit customer, your current contracts and pricing agreements are not likely to be affected by the acquisition of Bluestream Health. The company emphasizes its commitment to supporting existing projects and workflows with no interruptions. However, it’s possible that eVisit’s pricing or product offerings may change in the future due to the acquisition.

2. What opportunities for collaboration and innovation will be available as a result of the acquisition? The acquisition of Bluestream Health by eVisit may create opportunities for collaboration and innovation between the two companies. As an eVisit customer, you may benefit from the expertise of both companies and gain access to a team of experts, including the Customer Success Team and Support Function. The acquisition may also result in new product features or capabilities that can improve your business operations and patient outcomes. If you’re interested in learning about the additional value please reach out to Curtis Munlin, Head of Sales at

3. How do we leverage the partnership to add new use cases and functionality. To explore how to leverage the partnership to add new use cases and functionality, we would recommend contacting the Head of Sales at eVisit, Curtis Munlin ( He can provide more information on how the acquisition will enhance the Bluestream platform and what new use cases and functionalities will be available to customers. Additionally, the Head of Sales can discuss how eVisit is working with health systems to implement and coordinate telehealth and digital care delivery strategies and how your organization can benefit from these efforts. He can also provide guidance on how to customize the eVisit platform to meet your organization’s unique needs and goals.

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