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eVisit Security/Compliance Leaders Helped Found Information Governance Field and Certification to Deliver Impactful Keynotes at InfoGov World 2021

Information Governance (IG) is a recently formed field that specifies decision rights and an accountability framework to ensure appropriate behavior in the creation, storage, use, archiving, deletion and valuation of an organization’s information. It includes the processes, roles and policies, standards and metrics that ensure the effective and efficient use of information in enabling an organization to achieve its goals.

With IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data rapidly evolving, data and information is king and more and more organizations are looking for ways to create value using their or someone else’s data. With our 2050 Vision for healthcare, as first shared earlier this year at the 6th National Telehealth Summit, the data is going to only grow!

Those that take the time to properly understand the value of their data and assign Governance Officers to expertly organize and govern it, will unlock significant value. Some even say that the value of an organization’s data could make its way onto the balance sheet and become a factor for market cap evaluations.

Data and information can be messy and in today’s world constant. With AI and other Big Data-generating innovations, the data comes at odd hours and in steady stream in the Terabytes range for a single Edge device. Governance is about rules, and those rules put into practice. It demands adherence and discipline. 

It’s interesting to note that the IG field was birthed out of healthcare, when the UK’s National Health System began researching alarming morbidity rates in the country, realizing the root of the issue was siloed patient data that did not enable providers the visibility they needed to deliver proactive patient care. The UK ignited an Information Governance framework, which was foundational to the now crucial IG practice across a range of industries worldwide.

IG has matured and evolved with the help of two key leaders at our company, Gordon Romney, Chief Information Security Officer and HIPAA Security Officer, and Barry Brueseke, Director of Compliance, Privacy and Information Governance and HIPAA Privacy Officer. Barry was a founding member of InofGov World, a 3-year-old media organization dedicated to providing IG vision and to covering this important topic, key technologies and important trends. Both Barry and Gordon serve on the Board of Directors for the Certified IG Officers Association, which runs education and certification programs for Information Governance Officers.

InfoGov World has launched its first-ever global conference, a 3D Virtual Reality event held Sept. 14-17, where a range of cross-industry Governance Officers and IG experts will share best practices and key learnings in this burgeoning and crucial new field for hundreds of global attendees. It includes a conference, tradeshow, education/training and job fair components 12-hours a day 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET, to cover time zones on both sides of the Atlantic.

Key topics in the conference sessions include data protection & privacy, eDiscovery, data governance, cybersecurity, infonomics and data monetization, content services, and more. Featured speakers from McDonalds and Qualcomm to JPMorgan and Air Canada will present, including eVisit presentations by Romney and Brueseke:

Best Practices in Information Governance in Telehealth, Sept. 16, where Brueseke will cover the IG principles important to put in place to keep patient data safe. He will specifically share recent best practices in IG and how this played an important role as eVisit shifted cloud service providers from Microsoft Azure to Amazon AWS.

Applying Blockchain Cryptography to Healthcare, Sept. 17, led by Romney who will share how Blockchain technology and encryption and decryption of information can be combined to ensure confidentiality of healthcare information. Blockchain and Cryptography are both key players in the evolving cryptocurrency industry where Blockchain serves as the record-keeping technology behind the network and cryptographic methods are leveraged to maintain data security and fidelity. Romney will share ways these technologies can be applied to healthcare.

World-Class Global IG Event

Join this high-value event and learn more about the crucial role of IG in telehealth and healthcare. Use discount code eVisitIG for a $50 off the registration fee.  Click here to register for this inaugural event.



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