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Let data open the door.

eAnalyze is the most robust business intelligence solution in the telehealth industry.

Let data open the door.

Thousands of data points.
Unlimited insights.

Select a template or configure your own reports to measure the success of your unique telehealth strategy.

Identify Growth Opportunities

Compare top performers to recognize care delivery champions, expand your market presence, establish best practices, and maximize revenue.

Identify Growth Opportunities​
Evaluate Performance ​

Evaluate Performance

Filter by specialty, location, and other factors to learn about wait times, visit lengths, and satisfaction ratings to discover which groups are performing best and which could use a little extra help.

Know Your Patients Even Better

Use eAnalyze to reveal patient behavior, preferences, and expectations so you can adapt to a rapidly changing healthcare market.

Know Your Patients Even Better​

See why the largest hospitals, health systems, and provider groups choose eVisit.