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What if patients could instantly enter their own data that was easily added to their files? What would happen if you could electronically prescribe to a pharmacy of a patient’s choice? What if doctors’ notes could be documented with a simple click and that data was HIPPA compliant? What if?

We decided to find out.

eVisit was created to help doctors and healthcare providers enhance patient care and effectively maintain the important doctor-patient relationship. We believe providers should be able to engage and communicate with their patents whenever and wherever.

Call us crazy, but we think providing high-quality healthcare should be simple. Providers should spend less time worrying about HIPAA compliance and Meaningful Use and more time focused on their patients—the real reason they decided to practice medicine.

We want to help physicians see more of their patients, while simultaneously increasing the quality of those visits.

It’s time for healthcare to be a win-win for both patients and providers. 

We’ve already launched eVisit with a select number of providers and are excited about the results. Primary care physician, Dr. Samuel Patel, had this to say about our telehealth software,

“Diagnosing and treating patients has never been easier. My staff loves the tool and my patient satisfaction is through the roof. My patients think I’m a rock star for treating them on their terms.”

We’re passionate about people and about solving big problems in healthcare. We’re committed to you—the provider, the patient, the community—so we wanted to give you some resources, this blog being one of them.

We’ll talk openly about improving patient satisfaction and increasing engagement, growing your private practice and increasing revenue, understanding the trends in telemedicine, and solving those big problems in healthcare.

Want to find out how to make healthcare simple? Then stick around. We’re just getting started.

eVisit Corporate
eVisit Corporate