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5 Tips to Achieve Your Patient-Centered Medical Home

Posted by , eVisit Blog Posts Aug. 11, 2016

There’s a reason the Patient-Centered Medical Home has become such a widely celebrated model in healthcare. It places equal emphasis on wellness and treatment measures, and builds a model of care specific to the patient’s needs. There are several components to the PCMH, and while these principles are simple in theory, bringing them into your own practice takes some hard work and concentrated effort. With patience and strategy, you can achieve the Patient-Centered Medical Home in your practice. Here are our guidelines to making it happen: 1) Pace Yourself. This model of care, and the transition to making it work,…

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Mobile Medical Devices for Your Telehealth Program

If you already know and love telehealth, you’re familiar with the pleasure and convenience of remote visits and mobile monitoring. Can it get any better? Yes, in fact–more medical devices are becoming telehealth-friendly every day. That means convenience for patients and less stress for you. We took a look at industry trends and are happy to report these medical devices will likely be the next things you use alongside or integrate into your telehealth program. Are you using any of these already?Smart Glasses They may not be as ubiquitous as smartwatches yet, but hi-tech glasses are expected to grow in…

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The Concierge Medical Practice Checklist: Expert Advice Roundup

Posted by , eVisit Blog Posts May. 23, 2016

Have you decided to start your own medical practice? Are you looking to open a concierge practice, specifically? It can be a difficult journey, but it’s worth it! To make things easier on you, new physician entrepreneur, we’ve compiled some expert advice from around the web. Take a look! “The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that there will be a shortage of 91,500 doctors by 2020 as the Obamacare insurance coverage provisions are implemented and 30 million Americans become eligible for health insurance coverage.” Dike Drummond, The Happy MD “Patients will “chose you or lose you” just based on who…

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Is Your Medical Practice Hitting These Billing Benchmarks?

Posted by , eVisit Blog Posts May. 20, 2016

Keeping track of your practice’s financial health can be a struggle. The best way to track your medical practice’s successes, and to assess metrics like productivity, staffing costs, and revenue growth: benchmarks! By researching industry performance standards and creating measurable goals for your practice, you can track your group’s successes see how you perform compared to other practices. It’s also the easiest way to identify and solve problems. If you want to protect your practice’s revenues and improve financial health, consider setting benchmarks for your billing performance. The MGMA has some great standards for billing benchmarks. Here are just a…

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Why Telehealth is Key to the Patient Medical Home

Posted by , eVisit Blog Posts May. 10, 2016

Any physician will tell you the most important moments in a healthcare journey don’t take place in an office or a hospital. More and more today, the most crucial care happens in the home. Technology allows us to make home care more intentional every day, and that’s the mindset behind the patient-centered medical home model. The PCMH is focused on comprehensive, coordinated care with patient needs at the forefront. Those needs will change from patient to patient: some may require treatment for chronic illness, while others will need a connection to specialists while recovering from surgery. In any case, technology,…

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