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A Visual Guide: What is eVisit?

In the ever-growing field of telemedicine, we know it’s sometimes hard for doctors to figure out where a company like eVisit fits in. Afterall, telemedicine solutions come in all shapes and sizes — ranging from a small mobile health device manufacturer to a more complicated tech system for outsourcing your radiology department.

But at eVisit, our mission is to make healthcare simple. That’s why we’ve put together the infographic below — to show you exactly what our telemedicine platform does, how it will benefit your practice, and how to get started. We’ve found most physicians are eager to sign-up once they see our telemedicine solution in action and understand what we’re about.

So a little preview to start: Our telehealth platform lets you connect with and treat your existing patients remotely, through high-res, secure two-way video chat. No patients talking to doctors who haven’t met them and don’t know their medical history. We want to do telemedicine the right way. To us, that means giving patients better access to convenient, high-quality healthcare while leveraging that powerful doctor-patient relationship. The results? Practice profitability and patient satisfaction go up.

Unlike many of our competitors out there, the eVisit platform was built by physicians, for physicians. Our CMO and President, both practicing ER physicians, know how you work and what you need to make care delivery more efficient and effective. We’ve combined those insights with the best design principles from the tech field to give you a telemedicine solution that’s user-friendly, intuitive, and beautifully-designed. Who needs another clunky tech system to learn?

We know that when healthcare providers like you have access to better tools, the provider experience improves. Patient outcomes improve. And that’s why we’re in the business.

For a quick overview of our telehealth software, check out our infographic below. And if you’re ready for a deeper dive, request your personalized demo now. One of our team members will get in touch to walk you through our platform and explain how it could change your practice.

Still have questions about eVisit? Add them in the comments section below and we’ll get them answered.

eVisit Telemedicine software Infographic

eVisit Corporate
eVisit Corporate

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