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4 Healthcare Kickstarters You Should Check Out

It’s no secret that the eVisit team members are big fans of innovation. We love smart mHealth tools and clever ways of improving the healthcare industry. Lucky for us, there are so many people and companies out there making a difference. While browsing the extensive lists of health-focused startups out there, we’ve found a few small companies that we particularly like. These five health tech Kickstarter campaigns are worth your time and attention–and, if you can spare some change, maybe even a donation.


Arm Buddies: Antimicrobial Arm Sleeves

Barrier protection for healthcare workers is extremely important, for practitioners and patients alike. Lab jackets and undershirts are both available solutions, but the team behind Arm Buddies wanted something antimicrobial, easily washable, and less cumbersome. These innovative arm sleeves are permanently antimicrobial, with a guarantee of no degradation. The sweat-wicking feature acts as a sort of thermal regulation, and you can easily change sleeves if they get too dirtied. Using barriers like Arm Buddies can protect physicians, nurses, dentists, long-term caregivers and clinical workers from dangerous bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. They’ve designed and produced more than 250 prototypes and are ready to mass produce. Check out their new range of colors!

Shae : The World’s Most Advanced Virtual Health Assistant

The virtual health assistant Shae hopes to keep you healthy, by keeping your environment, your lifestyle and your genes in mind. Available on all devices and operating systems, Shae was born when global team leader Matt Riemann was diagnosed with a rare, terminal genetic disorder. Riemann decided to find the best way to manage his health and change his life, engineering what the company Kickstarter calls “Siri for your health.” Shae uses complex algorithms to navigate data on your family history, lifestyle, environment, and your everyday vitals, basic “layers” that make up your body. It’s a great tool for those with chronic illness, but also for those who just want to maximize their health and happiness. Take a look at the fascinating Kickstarter campaign to see more, and check out Shae’s coverage on websites like Yahoo! Tech and Smart Company.


WellbriX: Modular Massage System

Yep, this one is fully funded–but you should still check out the (active!) campaign and get in on the ground floor! WellbriX makes trigger point massage easy to do solo. It markets itself as a smart option for athletes, anyone in an office environment, or people completing physical therapy. The light, portable “bricks” are similar to a roller or ball, but the magnetic feature allows you to pinpoint different muscle groups by building various configurations. Founder Dr. Caroline Keddie is a sports injury therapist who’s found herself needing better massage options–especially when she herself completed the Boston Marathon and a full Ironman Triathlon. And, the product is 3D-printed, colorful and fun. Let it cheer up your desk space!

Hylux Water – Student-Athlete Created Next Gen Sports Drink

A college freshman was unsatisfied with his sports drink options when an unexpected heart condition ended his career as a track athlete. When Lamar Letts, of Northeastern University, realized the high sugar and calorie content of name-brand sports drinks, he began to dream of a nutritional beverage that would help him get back into physical fitness. So, he created Hylux. The drink boasts no preservatives, but four different electrolytes and more potassium than a banana, and other vitamins necessary to bodily health. Working with food scientists, the team has made sure the beverage formula meets FDA regulatory standards. This Kickstarter’s tiered rewards levels are great for various potential backers, too.


We’d love to hear about any other up-and-comers in the healthcare field! If we missed any Kickstarter campaigns here, or if you know of other companies worth raving about, give us a heads-up. We’d love to hear all about them.


Do you have a cool, innovative healthcare company of your own?

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