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25 Healthcare Marketing Experts You Should Follow

When you’re busy running your practice, a practice marketing plan might be the last thing on your mind — or your budget. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the top healthcare marketing experts to follow on Twitter. All you need to do is click follow, and voila! You’ll get effortless access to a stream of free, valuable healthcare marketing resources.

Once you’re set-up, a spare five minutes here and there is plenty of time to check your feed and discover actionable tips on how to market your practice successfully — regardless of experience level or budget. Whether you’re trying to solve a social media problem or just change your marketing style, Twitter hosts a number of #HCMktg influencers who know exactly what medical practices need to get their name out there. Plus, many of them would be happy to hear from you or answer questions. Social media’s all about community and engagement afterall.

Learning from this wide variety of practice managers, physicians, and marketing gurus won’t just help you connect with your patients, it’ll also give you a peek into what patients really want from their physicians.

So without further ado, here are a few of our favorite healthcare marketing experts on Twitter.


1. Marie Ennis-O’Connor


A health blogger and social media consultant, Marie Ennis-O’Connor tweets about the most useful tools and trends in healthcare marketing. Her tweets target a wide range of practice specialities, too.


2. Stewart Gandolf


Stewart Gandalf’s website is a great resource for online health marketing. But his Twitter feed is even better, thanks to curated #hcmktg stories from around the web.

3. Reed Smith


One of the best tech-focused health writers on Twitter, Reed Smith provides consistent, creative content that focuses on the confluence of social technology and healthcare.


4. Vanessa Bright


A combination of articles about strategy and analysis fills Vanessa Bright’s Twitter feed. She’s a great expert to follow if you’re interested in social marketing.


5. Dan Dunlop


Not only is Dan Dunlop is a healthcare marketing expert, but he also publishes a Twitter newsletter, the Dan Dunlop Daily, that rounds up some of the web’s best articles on health marketing.


6. Mitchell Cotthoff


Social marketing can be hard to master. Mitchell Cotthoff has it down, though, and his marketing tips can be adapted to any branch of healthcare.


7. Medical Web Experts


Get comfortable with digital marketing! Medical Web Experts focuses on mobile and online marketing, so if you’re looking for a way to market your patient portal or start a helpful blog, this one’s for you.


8. Jonathan Catley


Jonathan Catley is an expert on connecting with patients through the web. If you want to use direct communication as a marketing tactic, or if you need advice to harness the power of SEO, Catley is a great profile to follow.


9. Lily Albin


Senior Social Media Specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital, Lily Albin provides social-intensive content. Albin’s experience marketing to families with children means she’s a great expert to follow if you work in primary care or pediatrics.


10. Salman Aslam


Are you looking to build your traffic across all social media platforms? Follow Salman Aslam for tips on everything from guest blogging to Instagram.


11. Healthcare Magnet


A company that sells physical marketing materials, Healthcare Magnet’s marketing strategies focus on accessibility and open communication. The profile boasts a variety of curated articles for experts and beginners.


12. Dewey Mooring


Another Twitter user with a daily newsletter, Dewey Mooring is the Vice President at healthcare marketing firm Jennings. His tweets offer great guidelines if you want to market your team members, not just your practice.


13. Fergus Linskey


Fergus Linskey’s tweets are targeted at practices and individual doctors, with an emphasis on the importance of distinct, complimentary social media practices.


14. Forum for Healthcare Strategists


This feed curates massive amounts of healthcare marketing content, including many articles by experts in this list. It’s a great profile to follow if you’re interested in keeping up with conferences or Twitter chats.


15. Chris Boyer


Chris Boyer is a member of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Advisory Board, so he knows his stuff, to say the least. He tweets about a wide range of digital marketing topics, so follow Chris to diversify your newsfeed.


16. Titan Web Agency


This web design agency offers great infographics and marketing advice for many practice specialities. It also posts advice for practice managers who are considering investing in different marketing tools.


17. Michael Gaspar


Keep up with Twitter discussions, conferences and health tech news by following Michael Gaspar. His tweets have a laser-focus on marketing in health tech, and he’s often seen interacting with other influencers on the site.


18. Audrey McLaughlin


Audrey McLaughlin isn’t just a marketing specialist. She also has great tips for patient retention and customer service. Her social media guides are especially good for smaller practices or those just getting started.


19. Healthcare Success


This is a great account to follow if you have low site traffic, few social media followers, or if you just haven’t seen your marketing impact your bottom line. Healthcare Success will teach you how to get hits in no time!


20. Amy M. Austin


Amy Austin is all about networking. If you struggle with the “social” component of social media, follow Amy and learn the best strategies for truly connecting with others in your field and building a marketing strategy that focuses on relationships as well as branding.


21. Eric Brody


Do you draw inspiration from unexpected places? So does Eric Brody. The lessons Brody pulls from other businesses’ marketing strategies will help you see health marketing in a whole new light.


22. Mandy McEwen


A digital marketing expert, Mandy McEwen curates creative, entrepreneurial solutions to marketing problems. Liven up your social media presence and get out of your comfort zone by using McEwen’s strategies.


23. Lori Appling Moore


Twenty years of media management have given Lori Appling Moore some unique insights into the health marketing world. The content she shares is consistently insightful.


24. Health Care Professionals Buzz


This feed focuses on health marketing trends, so if you’re interested in groundbreaking technologies, concierge marketing or smartphone-based tools, give HCPBuzz a follow.


25. Nicola Ziady


Another social media expert, Nicola Ziady’s tweets will challenge the way you think about social media. Ziady helps physicians see digital marketing from a consumer’s point of view to create campaigns that are enjoyable and authentic.


What #hcmktg influencers do you gain inspiration from? Let us know in the comments!




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